Peace And Understanding Through Travel And Hosting

Formation of Servas Foundation and Objectives

SERVAS Foundation, registered and operating in India, is a branch of SERVAS International. Which is an International Non-governmental, Multicultural, Non-profit Peace organization formed in 1949 to build peace through communication. Founded in 1949 by Bob Luitweiler as a peace movement, SERVAS is run by volunteers in 110 countries. The organization works to build understanding, tolerance and world peace. Servas International as accredited as an NGO to the United Nations(UN) and holds an active agenda of meetings both on National as also International levels, as you can see here:

In 1973 Servas was granted consultative status at ECOSOC ( Economic and Social Council ) at the United Nations. With over 15000 members in more than 110 countries, SERVAS advocates respect for all cultures and recognizes the critical importance of learning from all people by encouraging interaction amongst members during hosting, camps, meetings, and such events arranged and organized under the aegis of SERVAS.
After the election of the new executive committee during the AGM at Karwar in March 2017, it was decided to register Servas India. In May 2019, Servas India was registered as a Society under the Office of the Charity Commissioner, Pune, as Servas Foundation with the main objects being to strive for, support and achieve general wellbeing of charitable objects to general society and:-
  • To promote world peace through better understanding between the people of various countries and cultures of the world by providing members of Servas opportunities to meet people from all countries and cultures, and to:
  • Be part of Servas International GroupTo infuse travel and Indian cultural knowledge among Servas members. establish a network of Servas members in India who are interested in meeting and hosting Servas member travelers from member countries;
  • Facilitate Servas member travelers from all countries to meet Servas members in India;
  • Facilitate Servas member travelers from India to meet Servas members in all other countries
  • Encourage travelers to participate in the life and daily routines of the families and communities in which they are guests;
  • Encourage better understanding of cultural, national and world issues through person to person contacts;
  • Co-operating with Servas International and Servas groups in other countries for the purpose of promoting the Servas ideals.

Executive Committee

Dr. Prakash D. Vyavahare


Nitin Wankhede

National  Secretary

Mrs.Anjana Jain

Deputy National Secretary

Mr. Pradeep Korde


Dr.Rupali B. Memane

Online Hostlist Coordinator

Dr Mrs Hamsavahini Singh

Peace Secretary

Mrs. Amruta Karkare 

Newsletter Editor

Servas India 2021-2022