Peace And Understanding Through Travel And Hosting

Servas For Youth

The Servas concept is an absolute boon for youth as it provides them an opportunity to explore various cultures and people, through travel, in a very safe manner whilst staying with hosts. This also enables them to see the world on a budget!!

Servas Youth Language Programmes

The Servas Youth Language programmes give young Servas members an opportunity to improve their knowledge of a foreign language. Hospitality is offered by Servas hosts and coordinated between Servas groups in different countries.
This programme enables youth (aged between 18 to 30 years) from one country, wishing to improve his/her knowledge of a language spoken in another country, to visit and stay with a Servas member family/s in that country for a period of up to one month, though this may vary as per the convenience of both families

 Junior Servas Youth Language Experience (JUNIOR SYLE)

Junior SYLE is for Servas members between 10 and 18 years old. It usually involves an exchange between young people so they can stay in each other’s homes. As the young people are not yet adults, any arrangements for a visit are agreed in advance between parents and host families.

Visits usually involve a stay of two to three weeks in each country. The aim is to offer an opportunity to experience life in another country within a safe home setting with good adult support and supervision. While developing language skills, the young people also have chance to gain a greater understanding of another culture.
Servas India 2021-2022